NAWCC Chapter 135 Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier Chapter 135 of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) is a group of 25-30 individuals who share a common interest in horology, the art and science of timekeeping.  Membership is comprised of individuals and couples who are interested in all aspects of collecting watches and clocks. This also includes history of watches and/or clocks repairing restoration and manufacturing clocks and watches.

While membership is concentrated in the Tacoma to Seattle our members come from as far south as Olympia all the way to Bellingham or basically the entire Puget Sound Pacific Northwest region.  Meetings are usually held in the afternoons of the first Saturday of each month, include spouses, and are (typically) held in member’s homes.

Each meeting consists of a social hour (with refreshments), a brief business meeting, and a program.  Programs may include discussions of horological topics from the technical to general interest items.  At other times, a “Show & Tell” is held where members take turns showing items and briefly discussing them.  At many meetings, a “Mart” is also held where members may bring items available for sale or trade.

Chapter Officers


Jack Goldberg

Vice President


Jeff Grossman


Richard Sowa

Saturday, October 9

Dear Members and Friends,

Gary Myers
Open Source smart watch programming
Location Cedar Valley Grange Hall

Jeff Grossman

Hybrid in-person / zoom  meeting schedule 2022

January 8

“18th Century Watchmaker Robert Leslie”

We were very fortunate to have as this month’s presenter, Rich Newman, a specialist in Colonial and Early American Horology. Rich is the recent past Chair of the NAWCC.

His program was “Early American Watchmaker: Robert Leslie of Philadelphia…The Greatest American Watchmaker Ever Forgotten”.

Rich gave some reasons as to why Leslie has been overlooked in the annals of American watchmaking:

    He was listed, in all documentation about this era, as a Scotsman. This turns out to be false. He was born in Maryland, but was later hounded out of Philadelphia by the watchmakers’ guild, left for London, and then returned to Philadelphia.
    In 1836, a fire at the U.S. Patent Office in Washington D.C. wiped out all Colonial-era patent records. There was no paper trail leading back to Leslie.
    It was believed, up until recently, that no examples of his patented clocks and watches had survived (also false.)

Robert Leslie was self-taught and filed his first patent in 1789. He was, in fact, the first American to receive clock and watch patents from the U.S. government. He made clocks for both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.
by Rich Newman


“How I Started a Watch Company”

Matt Zinski, founder of Typsim Watches (, offers an insider's guide to starting a watch company from conceptual sketch to manufacturing and marketing to sales. Never before have the resources for designing and manufacturing a watch been more accessible than they are today. But even with the ubiquity of companies ready to help the process is filled with complex challenges and compelling opportunities, and in the case of Typsim Watches, some self-imposed. Come learn how Matt approached this process with his uncompromising design vision and eye for details.
March 5
“Wristwatch Show-And-Tell”

Bring your newest/favorite/special/unique wristwatch to display/talk about/share with the group. Don’t have such a wristwatch? Bring a pocket watch!

April 2
Bob Pritzker, from Toronto, will present a program on “Complications in Pocket and Wrist Watches.”

Bob will describe various complications that can be found in both pocket and wrist watches and will show examples of some of the most complex and most expensive watches produced over time. We will see examples from the simplest addition of a date, to the most extreme with a perpetual calendar that reflects a nineteen-year lunar cycle.


Pacific Northwest Regional 2022
May 13, 14, 15 (Public Days May 14, 15)

Kitsap Conference Center
100 Washington Avenue
Bremerton, WA 98337

June 12

Multi Social Meeting
Chapter 135, The Horological Society of Puget Sound, WWCA and the former nawcc chapter 121 and the former chapter 50


no meeting scheduled

August 6

 home of Ernie Lopez


 no meeting scheduled

Gary Myers
Open Source smart watch programming
Location Cedar Valley Grange Hall

no meeting scheduled

“Holiday Party 2022”
LaQuinta in Tacoma
1425 East 27th Street, Tacoma, WA


Zoom meeting schedule 2021

January 10
“chronographs made by the American Waltham
Watch Company”
by Jeff Grieff

January 24  
Prague Astronomical Clock
by Bob Pritzker

February 7  
No meeting today due to Super Bowl Sunday

February 21  
Ernie Lopez, will present a program on the West Coast Clock and Watch Museum in Vista, CA

March 7
Darrah Artzner, all the way from Houston, will present a program on Rockford 18-size movements

March 21  
Andy Dervan will be presenting a program on Simon Willard Patent Timepieces

April 4  
Easter Sunday – NO MEETING, to allow for holiday observance and family time

April 18
Gary Myers has a program on Morbier Clocks

May 2

Pat Holloway’s presentation is on Commemorative Watches and Ephemera

May 16
New member,  Chris Wolle, has volunteered to speak on Illinois Watches

June 13
June 27
July 11
July 25
 Tim Orr will be presenting “GPS for Beginners”
August 8
  Andrew Baron on his restoration of the Maillardet automaton
 Mr. Albert Zeller of RC TriTec, direct from Switzerland, which will cover the history of luminescent compounds used in watches and clocks and the gradual migration from radium to tritium to current technology
 “Holiday Party 2021”
Sunday December 5th
Mart: 9:00 am – Brunch: 10:45 am – Adjourn 1:30 pm La Quinta Inn
1425 East 27th Street, Tacoma, WA
Program: Steve McGowan will present his 3-D printed horological creations including his latest tourbillon masterpiece

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